About Me


I always interested Photography. When I was in high schol, I had a special collection of my favourite photos from journals, newspapers and books. Of course internet was not so famous and I didn’t have any access until 1998.

In university, I bought a small digital camera to take some photos for my thesis. Aim was a different but start taking some long exposure photos, some landscape and then, it goes and goes. Photography became my favourite hobby and spent considerable time for it.

Especially, I love being at the nature with birds, butterflies,etc. Their world is so peaceful and relaxable. Maybe I can say that, photography is like a taking a fresh air for me. Taking for myselfs.

Nowadays, sadly I have so little time because of my hard works. So, there is no time for photo .(  I hope, soon I’ll return.

I hope you’ll like my portfolio.

All my best wishes for you,

Volkan Donbaloglu

Moscow / Russia – October 2011

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